"Big Bend"
 Steel Toe Review, Spring 2015

My husband insists on adventures.  So here I am: packing for a place I know about in theory, not in fact.  My prayer-time literature fits into the bottom of a new black duffle bag: my Bible, two daily devotionals and The Imitation of Christ, which I'm reading for Lent.  My purse is big enough for the trade paperbacks I'm working through: Nouwen, O'Conner, Merton and Lewis..........continue reading

"Extol Him Who Rides the Clouds"
  Numero Cinq, Fall 2014

Call me Magdalene.  Not Maggie.  Not Meg.  And certainly not Dolly, for God's sake.  Call me Magdalene.  Let the syllables roll off your tongue.  Slowly...slowly...continue reading

"Exercise in Memory"
  Numero Cinq, Fall 2013

This is the automated Emergency Blackboard of the Town of Highland Park....continue reading

"On the Occasions that Lula Sought Answers from Her Mother's Bible Concordance"
Numero Cinq, Summer 2013

DANCE (danced, dancing)

Ecc      3:4          a time to d and a time to mourn
2Sa      6:14        d before the Lord
Ps        30:11      You turned my waiting into d
.....continue reading

"Point. Click."  
  The Summerset Review, Summer 2013 

Start with the subject. A subject doesn't have to be totally fleshed out at first—you don't have to know everything about them—what's in their drawers and all, unless the junk drawer or something is what you're photographing. Then search search search to find that character's face somewhere, anywhere.....continue reading  

"Chad's Room"
  Sleet, Fall 2013

The closet company sent someone to count her clothes.  She would need the proper number of inches to hand things int he master closet she was making out of Chad's empty bedroom.  The company suggested categories divided up by butternut--colored panels from ceiling to floor.  The top part would house blouses and the bottom pants or skirts, with special hooks for suits and belts, a glass-fronted cupboard for sweaters.....continue reading


Publications & Reading

"Lula's Strategy for Keeping Secrets from Her Grown Daughter, Who Always Overreacts" /                      On the Veranda Literary Journal / Issue 2.1 / 2017

"Proof" / Blue Five Notebook / forthcoming 2016

“Forms of Defiance” / After the Pause / Fall 2015

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Secrets that Lula, Aged 73, Keeps from Her Daughter Who Always Overreacts / Finalist /

Reynolds Price Writing Contest at the Center for Women Writers at Salem College

Average Isn’t Normal / Arkansas Writers’ Conference Prose Award [1st] / AR Writers Conference 2002

Walker / Finalist / New Letters Literary Awards 2001

Walker / First Place / ACH Graphics Award / Ozark Writers= Conference 2001

With / 1st Honorable Mention (poem) / Board of Directors Poetry Award

(Ozark Creative Writers Inc., Fall Conference) / Fall 1999

Conversion / Third Place / ACH Graphics Award (Ozark Creative Writers Inc.) / Fall 1998

Sibling Rivalry / Third Place / Rebard Award (Ozark Creative Writers, Inc.) / Fall 1998

Group of short stories / Honorable Mention: Suzi Award for Excellence in Fiction (River Cities Writers) / Summer 1997

Resurrection of Andy Rose Johnson’s House / Honorable Mention /

Eudora Welty Film & Fiction Festival Awards  / Spring 1996

Garage Sale Honorable Mention / New Voices in Poetry & Prose / Fall 1992

Enemies’ Content   / First Place / Shreveport Writers’ Club / Spring 1991

Up Close     / First Place (poem) / Shreveport Writers’Club / Winter 1990

Bruiser’s Church / Third Place / Shreveport Writers’ Club / Winter 1990

Winters’ Smile    / First Place / Shreveport Writers’ Club / Winter 1989        


“Mercy” short essay in Lenten 2015 booklet of Saint Michaels & All Angels Episcopal Church

Letters to the Editor: El Dorado News-Times March 2, 1998 & March 12, 2000

‘Contemplative Prayer’ / Connections (poem) / Spring 2000

Editor First Presbyterian Church Connections / 1997-2000

A Braid Down Our Back / Essays presented at St. Mary=s Church / Winter 1992

GT News / Southside School newsletter for Gifted & Talented Program


Book Reviews (essays):   The Life & Work of Flannery O=Conner

        Cormac McCarthy=s The Road

        Wally Lamb=s This Much I Know is True